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RideAid for Gaza Total

RideAid for Gaza This Sunday

Glimpse at Caudwell RideAid

On Saturday 21st of June, Deen Riders conducted a charity ride for Caudwell Children. This is just a small glimpse of what happened on the day.

Donations are still needed:

Deen Riders Hand Over Donations to Caudwell Children

We met Damon and Julie from Caudwell Children's Charity to hand over the cash donations collected.

Amazing people and an amazing charity! We look forward to working with you again.

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May Allah accept our efforts. Ameen.


Shah Faisal from the famous Karachi Bikers will be joining the Deen Rider's RideAid for Caudwell Children's Charity.

This campaign is now international!

Deen Riders event DVD now available for £10



Amazing News!!!

Thanks to your amazing support, we raised £68,000 from our Ride Aid challenges and the 'A joint prayer for Syria' event. May Allah reward you all for your incredible support.

Ride Aid blanket campaign a success



All praises are for Allah and much gratitude to you, our friends and supporters for helping us to make our last campaign an amazing success. It's a really special feeling to know that we're continuing to make every effort to think outside the box. Most biker groups and charities come up with really good fundraising ideas to help the needy and we're no different, but what's the best way to raise funds and include you at the same time? This is a question that has plagued us for some time. Alhmdulillah we had our eureka moment whilst plannng for the blanket campaign. Originally we were going to simply do a charity ride through London. Nothing new about that and potentially not much much prospects of breaking the charity bank. Then it came to us. Why not encourage you to get involved? Go to your family members, your work colleagues and your neighbours and raise a minimum of £300. And then what? Well - then we ride to your street. Up to 30 bikes in their shining glory. It was a plan worth attempting. Did it work? Well you can be the judge. In total we raised £23,000. On the day we collected £11,600 from you! IN ONE DAY! Incredible! This is our model now and we will be doing this again very soon. May Allah reward you for your amazing donations and insha Allah we'll see you again soon.